Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

lucinda wlliams- drunken angel
car wheels on a gravel road

robbie fulks- cry cry cry
va: dressed in black- a tribute to johnny cash

horses- three guns
brotherly love

david allan coe- I still sing the old songs
va: heartworn highway ost

elvis costello- a slow drag with josephine
national ransom

i'm not jim- mr. october
you are all my people

trailer bride- graveyard
smelling salts

ben weaver- city girl
mirepoix and smoke

willy mason- fear no pain
where the humans eat

jayme stone- ways of the world
room of wonders

mark olsen and gary louris- my gospel song for you
ready for the flood

whiskey & co- catch my fall
rust colors

matt north- if this is the ship of sobriety
whiskey dreams

wooden wand- servant to blues
death seat

thrift store cowboys- sidewalk song
lay low while crawling or creeping

sunparlour players- joy is what you lack
wave north

Nov. 9th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

whitey morgan and the 78's- i'm on fire
honky tonks and cheap motels

jay sparrow- don’t let the flag hit the floor
in our time

nightsmoke- neon
canadian folk dream

karen o- if you're gonna be dumb
va: jackass 3d ost

bobby bare jr- rock and roll halloween
a storm a tree my mothers head

eamon mcgrath- cold alberta nights
peace maker

ben weaver- anything with words
the ax in the oak

cory branan- a girl named go
12 songs

charlie louvin- darling corey
sings murder ballads and disaster songs

rocky votaloto- tennessee train tracks

steve earle- I thought you should know
the revolution starts now

john k samson- the last and
provincial road 222

ben nichols- tobin
the last pale light in the west

split lip rayfield- c'mon get your gun
should have seen it coming

jason and the scorchers- bible and a gun
thunder and fire

colin rink- runnin for the train
bury me deep in the ground

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov. 2nd. 2010- Pledge Drive


I wouldn't suggest downloading or listening to
this weeks show. it was pledge drive, and unless
you want to hear me begging for money for an hour,
and playing three songs you've heard before, avoid
this edition. we'll return next week with a great new
show, featuring some stuff you've never heard before,
so stay tuned.
Above is a fantastic video of Bobby Bare Jr. taking on
sister golden hair. enjoy.

Oct. 26th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

tacoma hellfarm tragedy- true love killed my true loves love for me
orchard songs

the avett brothers- head full of doubt road full of promise
live, volume 3

the cowslingers- work privilege

eddie hinton- dangerous higway
dear ya'll

drive by truckers- everybody needs love
dangerous highway: a tribute to the songs of eddie hinton

tin star orphans- let you down

the barnstompers- come on home
move on in!

the deep dark woods- dead and buried
the deep dark woods

waco brothers- i fought the law
va- for a decade of sin: 11 years of bloodshot records

elvis perkins in dearland- hey
elvis perkins in dearland

aa bondy- witness blues
american hearts

the country gentleman- i saw the light
going back to the blue ridge mountains

olenka & the autumn lovers- east end
and now we sing

heavy trash- that’s what your love gets
midnight soul serenade

chad vangaalen- after the afterlife

the avett brothers- i and love and you
live, volume 3