Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec. 13th. 2011

carolina chocolate drops- dona gotta ramblin mind [dona gotta ramblin mind]
elliott brood- garden river [mountain meadows]
chatham county line- birmingham jail [IV]
doop & the inside outlaws- if I were you id probably hate me too [blood river]
calexico- franks tavern [va: man of somebodys dreams]
henry green- storm thr mississippi [va: fire in my bones]
chris bathgate- in the city [salt year]
the hilltops- sidewalk [big black river]
chris gaffney- the guitars of my dead friends [va: man of somebodys dreams]
al tuck- tomorrow [under your shadow]
black jake- styxferry county [where the heather don’t grow]
tallahassee- open grave [jealous hands]
the wynnes- freight train [the wynnes]
have gun will travel- dream no more [mergers & acquisitions]
jim bryson- the wishes pile up [where the bungalows roam]
tim pak- broke again [dirt work]

Dec. 6th. 2011

*special edition of SBR to promote the Sadies show at the Capital theater in Windsor. Featured guest appearances by Dave and Joey of the Locusts Have No King who performed 2 new tracks live in the studio. head over to cjam.ca and download this episode, its a keeper!

sunparlour players- if the creeks don’t rise [hymns for the happy]
the locusts have no king- come one come all [come one come all]
the sadies- wolf tones [new seasons]
the sadies- within a stone [stories often told]
the locusts have no king- eloise [2011 demos]
sunparlour players- green thumb [us little devils]
the locusts have no king- high hopes [2011 demos]
the sadies- such a little word [stories often told]
the sadies- coming back [favourite colours]
the sadies- sunset to dawn [new seasons]
field assembly- phantom limbs [narco]
the sadies- anna leigh [new seasons]
the locusts have no king- last ride [the locusts have no king]

Nov. 29th. 2011

jim ward- coastlines [quiet on the valley]
ryan adams- the shadowlands [love is hell]
crooked fingers- the river [reservoir songs ep]
jon mckiel- quils [tonka war cloud]
greg cartwright- as long [live at the circle a]
bobby bare jr- sister golden hair [american bread]
waylon jennings- im a long way from home [nashville rebel soundtrack]
constantines- I will not sing a hateful song [too slow for love ep]
johnny cash- if you could read my mind [american 5: a hundred highways]
south san gabriel- senselessly [dual hawkes]
yim yames- behind that locked door [tribute to]
walter schreifels- depressed friends [arthur lee ep]
deer tick- still crazy after all these years [unreleased]
dinner belles- west simcoe county [west simcoe county]
jc brooks- im trying to break your heart [want more]