Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov. 22nd. 2011

sunparlour players- red blood red of home [us little devils]
the devil makes three- old number 7 [stomp and smash]
scott h biram- open road [bad ingredients]
big harp- goodbye crazy city [white hat]
volebeats- ten cars back [up north]
split lip rayfield- out of time [should have seen it coming]
the legendary shack shakers- help me from my brain [cockadoodledon't]
corey isenor- the hunting party [the hunting party]
the avett brothers- head full of doubt, road full of promise [I and love and you]
the pine hill haints- scar [to win or to lose]
chuck ragan- wish on the moon [covering ground]
young running- bigger [here comes the cavalry]
deadstring brothers- lonely days [starving winter report]
hank III- day by day [ghost to a ghost]
son volt- looking at the world through a windshield [retrospective 95-2000]

Nov. 15th. 2011

eric welton- lc dc [kill them with kindness]
deer tick- straight into a storm [born on flag day]
eric welton- I know im dying [kill them with kindness]
cowboy junkies- brothers under the bridge [early 21st century blues]
dwight yoakam- blame the vain [blame the vain]
ox- trans canada [tUCo]
scott h biram- hang your head and cry [bad ingredients]
oh my darling- fly around [sweet nostalgia]
jeff andrew- please let me sleep on your floor [hobo postcards]
the lonesome weekends- rain is better [songs for lonesome weekends]
james ol and the villains- december [alive at the colch]
digger barnes- old brown shoes [time has come]
crissi cochrane- I wont try to break your heart [pretty alright]
cuff the duke- letting go [morning comes]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 8th 2011- Pledge Drive!

Not much music will be played this edition because its pledge drive time again! this coming Tuesday Nov 8th, make sure you call us up live and make a pledge to support CJAM. we have lots of great incentives this year including beer steins and new t-shirts. pledge what you can, every cent is appreciated.

Nov. 1st. 2011

marah- fat boy [if you didn’t laugh you'd cry]
centro-matic- remind us alive [dual hawks]
bad livers- im going back to mom and dad [industry and thrift]
the knitters- try anymore [the modern sounds of…]
john hiatt- when my love crosses over [master of disaster]
live country music- I could always [long hard season]
bobby bare jr- your goat is on fire [a storm a tree my mothers head]
loomer- anastasia [songs of the wild west island]
chuck prophet- the door is always open [dreaming waylon]
the modelos- its getting tough [saddle justice]
lickin good fried- redhead women in a dirty corvette [say uncle]
corbin murdoch and the nautical miles- channel swimmer [tell me again how this place got its name]
green on red- this I know [gas food lodging]
mayor matt allen- beneath my feet [the life and times of christian banks]
southern culture on the skids- I want a love [mojo]