Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov. 15th. 2011

eric welton- lc dc [kill them with kindness]
deer tick- straight into a storm [born on flag day]
eric welton- I know im dying [kill them with kindness]
cowboy junkies- brothers under the bridge [early 21st century blues]
dwight yoakam- blame the vain [blame the vain]
ox- trans canada [tUCo]
scott h biram- hang your head and cry [bad ingredients]
oh my darling- fly around [sweet nostalgia]
jeff andrew- please let me sleep on your floor [hobo postcards]
the lonesome weekends- rain is better [songs for lonesome weekends]
james ol and the villains- december [alive at the colch]
digger barnes- old brown shoes [time has come]
crissi cochrane- I wont try to break your heart [pretty alright]
cuff the duke- letting go [morning comes]

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