Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 1st. 2011

marah- fat boy [if you didn’t laugh you'd cry]
centro-matic- remind us alive [dual hawks]
bad livers- im going back to mom and dad [industry and thrift]
the knitters- try anymore [the modern sounds of…]
john hiatt- when my love crosses over [master of disaster]
live country music- I could always [long hard season]
bobby bare jr- your goat is on fire [a storm a tree my mothers head]
loomer- anastasia [songs of the wild west island]
chuck prophet- the door is always open [dreaming waylon]
the modelos- its getting tough [saddle justice]
lickin good fried- redhead women in a dirty corvette [say uncle]
corbin murdoch and the nautical miles- channel swimmer [tell me again how this place got its name]
green on red- this I know [gas food lodging]
mayor matt allen- beneath my feet [the life and times of christian banks]
southern culture on the skids- I want a love [mojo]

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