Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec. 13th. 2011

carolina chocolate drops- dona gotta ramblin mind [dona gotta ramblin mind]
elliott brood- garden river [mountain meadows]
chatham county line- birmingham jail [IV]
doop & the inside outlaws- if I were you id probably hate me too [blood river]
calexico- franks tavern [va: man of somebodys dreams]
henry green- storm thr mississippi [va: fire in my bones]
chris bathgate- in the city [salt year]
the hilltops- sidewalk [big black river]
chris gaffney- the guitars of my dead friends [va: man of somebodys dreams]
al tuck- tomorrow [under your shadow]
black jake- styxferry county [where the heather don’t grow]
tallahassee- open grave [jealous hands]
the wynnes- freight train [the wynnes]
have gun will travel- dream no more [mergers & acquisitions]
jim bryson- the wishes pile up [where the bungalows roam]
tim pak- broke again [dirt work]

Dec. 6th. 2011

*special edition of SBR to promote the Sadies show at the Capital theater in Windsor. Featured guest appearances by Dave and Joey of the Locusts Have No King who performed 2 new tracks live in the studio. head over to cjam.ca and download this episode, its a keeper!

sunparlour players- if the creeks don’t rise [hymns for the happy]
the locusts have no king- come one come all [come one come all]
the sadies- wolf tones [new seasons]
the sadies- within a stone [stories often told]
the locusts have no king- eloise [2011 demos]
sunparlour players- green thumb [us little devils]
the locusts have no king- high hopes [2011 demos]
the sadies- such a little word [stories often told]
the sadies- coming back [favourite colours]
the sadies- sunset to dawn [new seasons]
field assembly- phantom limbs [narco]
the sadies- anna leigh [new seasons]
the locusts have no king- last ride [the locusts have no king]

Nov. 29th. 2011

jim ward- coastlines [quiet on the valley]
ryan adams- the shadowlands [love is hell]
crooked fingers- the river [reservoir songs ep]
jon mckiel- quils [tonka war cloud]
greg cartwright- as long [live at the circle a]
bobby bare jr- sister golden hair [american bread]
waylon jennings- im a long way from home [nashville rebel soundtrack]
constantines- I will not sing a hateful song [too slow for love ep]
johnny cash- if you could read my mind [american 5: a hundred highways]
south san gabriel- senselessly [dual hawkes]
yim yames- behind that locked door [tribute to]
walter schreifels- depressed friends [arthur lee ep]
deer tick- still crazy after all these years [unreleased]
dinner belles- west simcoe county [west simcoe county]
jc brooks- im trying to break your heart [want more]

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov. 22nd. 2011

sunparlour players- red blood red of home [us little devils]
the devil makes three- old number 7 [stomp and smash]
scott h biram- open road [bad ingredients]
big harp- goodbye crazy city [white hat]
volebeats- ten cars back [up north]
split lip rayfield- out of time [should have seen it coming]
the legendary shack shakers- help me from my brain [cockadoodledon't]
corey isenor- the hunting party [the hunting party]
the avett brothers- head full of doubt, road full of promise [I and love and you]
the pine hill haints- scar [to win or to lose]
chuck ragan- wish on the moon [covering ground]
young running- bigger [here comes the cavalry]
deadstring brothers- lonely days [starving winter report]
hank III- day by day [ghost to a ghost]
son volt- looking at the world through a windshield [retrospective 95-2000]

Nov. 15th. 2011

eric welton- lc dc [kill them with kindness]
deer tick- straight into a storm [born on flag day]
eric welton- I know im dying [kill them with kindness]
cowboy junkies- brothers under the bridge [early 21st century blues]
dwight yoakam- blame the vain [blame the vain]
ox- trans canada [tUCo]
scott h biram- hang your head and cry [bad ingredients]
oh my darling- fly around [sweet nostalgia]
jeff andrew- please let me sleep on your floor [hobo postcards]
the lonesome weekends- rain is better [songs for lonesome weekends]
james ol and the villains- december [alive at the colch]
digger barnes- old brown shoes [time has come]
crissi cochrane- I wont try to break your heart [pretty alright]
cuff the duke- letting go [morning comes]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 8th 2011- Pledge Drive!

Not much music will be played this edition because its pledge drive time again! this coming Tuesday Nov 8th, make sure you call us up live and make a pledge to support CJAM. we have lots of great incentives this year including beer steins and new t-shirts. pledge what you can, every cent is appreciated.

Nov. 1st. 2011

marah- fat boy [if you didn’t laugh you'd cry]
centro-matic- remind us alive [dual hawks]
bad livers- im going back to mom and dad [industry and thrift]
the knitters- try anymore [the modern sounds of…]
john hiatt- when my love crosses over [master of disaster]
live country music- I could always [long hard season]
bobby bare jr- your goat is on fire [a storm a tree my mothers head]
loomer- anastasia [songs of the wild west island]
chuck prophet- the door is always open [dreaming waylon]
the modelos- its getting tough [saddle justice]
lickin good fried- redhead women in a dirty corvette [say uncle]
corbin murdoch and the nautical miles- channel swimmer [tell me again how this place got its name]
green on red- this I know [gas food lodging]
mayor matt allen- beneath my feet [the life and times of christian banks]
southern culture on the skids- I want a love [mojo]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct. 25th. 2011

crooked fingers- our new favorite [breaks in the armor]
ron leary- the hobos grave [va: folk songs of canada now]
deer tick- main street [divine providence]
the jayhawks- high water blues [mockingbird time]
the boxcar boys- im so lonesome I could cry [don’t be blue]
buddy & julie miller- the selfishness in man [written in chalk]
gary clark jr- don’t owe you a thang [the bright lights ep]
the louvin brothers- my babys gone [va: crazy heart soundtrack]
andrew penner- come you women [va: folk songs of canada now]
the stone sparrows- wrong eyed jesus [the stone sparrows]
kris kristofferson- good morning john [closer to the bone]
glossary- blood on the knobs [the better angels of our nature]
ryan adams- I love you but I don’t know what to say [ashes & fire]
dolly parton- my blue tears [coat of many colors]
gram parsons- that’s all it took [GP]
jon-rae and the river- further along [the road]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct. 18th. 2011

the horrible crowes- crush [elsie]
the jayhawks- she walks in so many ways [mockingbird time] muddy waters- shes nineteen years old [hoochie coochie man]
hank III- fadin moon [gutter town]
jimmy reed- honest I do [caress me baby]
chris wollard & addison burns- sound of heartache [lil bitta]
wilco- rising red lung [the whole love]
old crowns- two birds [old crowns]
dog day- somebody [deformer]
drive by truckers- goddamn lonely love [the dirty south]
teds amongst men- the in between [that ol chestnut]
megafaun- state/meant [megafaun]
dawes- the way you laugh [nothing is wrong]
dan mangan- post war blues [oh fortune]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct. 11th. 2011

mekons- afar & forlorn [ancient & modern 1911-2011]
megafaun- second friend [megafaun]
billy bragg- everywhere [don’t try this at home]
northcote- battle [gather no dust]
one hundred dollars- tirade of a shitty mom [forest of tears]
reigning sound- stick up for me [love and curses]
the duke robillard band- overboard [low down and tore up]
laura marling- salinas [a creature I don’t know]
whitehorse- killing time is murder [whitehorse]
supersuckers- roadworn and weary [must've been high]
will currie- flowers [awake you sleepers]
unwelcome guests- might be broken [don’t go swimming]
laura repo- the l&n don’t stop here anymore [get yourself]
carrie clark- im a lark [between the bedsheets & turpentine]

Oct. 4th. 2011

the black heart procession- a heart like mine [3]
richard laviolette- you're dead [a little less like a rock]
charlie musselwhite- fast life blues [harmonica according to charlie]
don williams- you're my best friend [the best of don williams]
lonesome lefty- back to the sugar camp [souvenir album vol. 2]
wilco- capitol city [the whole love]
chuck ragan- valentine [covering ground]
whiskeytown- yesterdays news [strangers almanac]
ween- mr richard smoker [12 golden country hits]
justin townes earle- far away in another town [the good life]
the wooden sky- god give me strength [cbc session]
george jones- color of the blues [essential george jones]
otis gibbs- sometimes angels [grandpa walked a picketline]
woodland telegraph- oil city hotel [sings revival hymns]
ferlin husky- rockin alone in an old rockin chair [songs of the home and heart]
jason isbell- daisy mae [here we rest]
ha ha tonka- the humorist [death of a decade]

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept. 27th. 2011

bob wills- san antonio rose [legends of country music]
brothers through the hill- february is for giving up [brothers through the hill]
eddie hinton- dangerous highway [dear ya'll]
john hiatt & waylon jennings- just to satisfy you [va: the music inside]
bob dylan & the band- forever young [planet waves]
ray condo- have you seen maybel? [door to door maniac]
joey wright- climbing a mountain [camp]
the music box- song about a painting [vampire songs]
cory branan- the prettiest waitress in memphis [12 songs]
golden smog- strangers [another fine day]
drive by truckers- uncle frank [pizza deliverance]
lucinda williams- sweet love [blessed]
ramblin jack elliott- will james [south coast]
canteen knockout- navajo steel [navajo steel]
colin grant- ode a andrea et phil [fun for the whole family]
the barr brothers- old mythologies [the barr brothers]

Sept. 20th. 2011

deep dark woods- dear john [the place I left behind]
ferlin husky- I cant go on this way [songs of the home and heart]
magnolia electric co- dark don’t hide it [trials & errors]
josh small- knife in my bell [tall]
dawes- so well [nothing is wrong]
dolly parton- traveling man [coat of many colors]
wilco- I love my label [I might ep]
jeremy porter & the tucos- aint my house anymore [night on the town]
chuck ragan- right as rain [covering ground]
jenny lewis and the watson twins- big guns [rabbit fur coat]
ryan adams- lucky now [ashes and fire]
aa bondy- drmz [believers]
waylon jennings- luckenbach texas [ol' waylon]
CCR- midnight special [willy and the poor boys]
blackie and the rodeo kings- got you covered [kings and queens]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept. 13th. 2011

elliott brood- hold you [days into years]
brian dunn- southern city lights [examining the fallout]
old crow medicine show- next go round [tennessee pusher]
ry cooder- john lee hooker for president [pull up some dust and sit down]
old 97's- no baby i [blame it on gravity]
ladies of the canyon- forget me [haunted women]
cuff the duke- drag me down [morning comes]
boy with fish- wish I had a plan [I put my tongue on the window]
willy mason- sold my soul [where the humans eat]
modern field recordings- banana split [we got ur back]
amos lee- shout out loud [supply and demand]
waylon jennings- I aint living long like this [live from austin tx '84]
the lazy mk's- the qt [where we bin]
indian wars- through the woods [indian wars]
old man luedecke- mysteries you cant even hide [hinterland]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orphan Choir- On Tour

Hey ya'll.
Orphan Choir is going on tour in eastern Canada so I'm gonna miss a few shows. Apologies in advance, but the highway is calling. I'll return live with a brand new show on Tuesday September 13th 2011, so please stay tuned. If you'd like to come out and see us on the road, all of the dates and venue info can be found HERE.

Aug. 23rd. 2011

the legendary shack shakers- old spur line [swampblood]
deer tick- miss k [divine providence]
the swiftys- sweet rose [the swiftys]
bloodshot bill- whisper in my ear [homicide]
lucero- hey darlin' do you gamble? [1372 overton park]
train 45- pocketful of change [va: sound proof room sessions]
the drams- des moines [jubilee dive]
stompin tom- take me back to old alberta [the ballad of stompin tom]
john doe- painting the town blue [keeper]
the weakerthans- elegy for gump worsley [reunion tour]
the ettes- teeth [wicked will]
split lip rayfield- hundred dollar bill [should have seen it coming]
smalltown revival- solitude gorge [music from home]
the avett brothers- incomplete and insecure [I and love and you]
the schomberg fair- dead man on the highway [pickup full of empties]
fred squire- as long as one sun could shine [march 12]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug. 16th. 2011

john doe- giant step backwards [keeper]
willie nelson & wynton marsalis- rainy day blues [two men with the blues]
fred eaglesmith- chain gang [tinderbox]
doc watson- country blues [best of the sugar hill years]
cavaliers- five times a day [cavaliers]
the byrds- one hundred years from now [sweetheart of the rodeo]
drive by truckers a world of hurt [a blessing and a curse]
grey de lisle- sharecroppin' man [the graceful ghost]
drag the river- cousins [its crazy]
loretta lynn- womens prison [van lear rose]
alejandro escovedo & jon langford- california blues [bourbonitis blues]
karling- back in my babys arms [bound for nowhere]
deke dickerson- im lonesome [rhythm rhyme and truth]
roosevelt bandwagon- crooked scars [jobless men keep going]
crooked brothers- up the mountain [lawrence where’s your knife?]
monkeyjunk- you don’t know [to behold]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug. 9th. 2011

dawes- when my time comes
crooked brothers- 17 horses
black drink crier- porch fire
steve earle- hardcore troubadour
george jones- im ragged but im right
johnny cash- you dreamer you
the jayhawks- id run away
chatham county line- company blues
the pining- the better life
joe ely- are you listenin' lucky?
robert johnson- phonograph blues
kirsten jones- lethargy
matthew barber- dust on my collar
shortstack- man in love
eastern states- used to the train
ryan adams- I see monsters
the culls- the skys too good a blanket

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aug. 2nd. 2011

chuck prophet- automatic blues
vivian girls- sixteen ways
chuck ragan- nomad by fate
those darlins- red light love
redgy blackout- when u were a kid
bobby bare jr- ill be around
george thorogood ft. charlie musselwhite- 2120 south michigan ave
george thorogood- move it on over
john prine- long monday
justin townes earle- aint glad im leaving
lissie- stranger
the deep dark woods- dear john
big sugar- true believers
chris mills- nightmare at 20,000 feet
petunia- don’t look back
carmel mikol- leaver

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July. 26th. 2011

slim cessna's auto club- three bloodhounds two shepherds
amos lee- cup of sorrow
tim easton- daily life
tim hus- home of hank snow
the weather station- chip on my shoulder
the sure things- tractor
the deep dark woods- virginia
wagons- willie nelson
matt masters- don’t worry 'bout me
treeline & sean brewer- western town
dex romweber duo- death of me
eddie spaghetti- always on my mind
the piney gir country roadshow- the sheriff of san miguel
chris mills- atom smashers
steve wynn- we don’t talk about it
bobby long- sick man blues

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July. 19th. 2011

pokey lafarge- aint the same
sheer terror- I still miss someone
junior wells- hoodoo man blues
lindi ortega- dying of another broken heart
warren zevon- jeannie needs a shooter
chadwick stokes- crowbar hotel
billy bragg- never buy the sun
frank turner- if ever I stray
the handsome family- the bottomless hole
cowpuncher- smashed teeth
green on red- sea of cortez
fred squire- shenandoah
hank III- hillbilly joker
doug paisley- no one but you
mary gauthier- it aint the wind, it’s the rain
bradleyboy mac arthur- backdoor man
the molloys- love stings

Friday, July 15, 2011

July. 12th. 2011

joe strummer- long shadow
john lee hooker- tupelo blues
william elliott whitmore- field song
be good tanyas- the littleist birds
elvis perkins in dearland- weeping mary
giant sand- seldom matters
openhearts society- lincolns feet
man man- steak knives
the unsettlers- dead and gone
sallie ford- against the law
johnny cash & tom petty- the running kind
united steelworkers of montreal- sad lovers lament
the gourds- country gal
mississippi john hurt- stack o'lee
jolie holland gold and yellow

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July. 5th. 2011

reckless kelly- dogtown
saddlesores- mexican showdown
earl scruggs w/ don henley & johnny cash- passin' thru
the rizdales- this drinks not on me
tim robbins- you're my dare
the teen kings- tk blues
blackie and the rodeo kings- I give it up everyday
swingin utters- scary brittle frame
earl scruggs w/ john fogerty- blue ridge mountain blues
dead milkmen- big deal
roses pawn shop- one last glass of whiskey
saturday saints- midnight on the stormy deep
ox- 747
isobel campbell- why does my head hurt so?
okkervil river- your past life as a blast

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June. 28th. 2011

another bad image. blame google?

shortstack- plenty of time for sleeping
blackie and the rodeo kings w/ lucinda williams- if I cant have you
danny barnes- devil on the mountain
fred squire- the human race can be a very nasty animal
neil young- motor city
the felice brothers- honda civic
blackie and the rodeo kings w/ emmylou harris- step away
mike bloom- afterthought to war
booker t w/ drive by truckers- space city
waco brothers- train back in time
julian austin- little ol kisses
wilf carter- theres a love knot in my lariat
wheeler brothers- long hard road
gary buck- happy to be unhappy
blind willies- I made a mistake

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June. 21st. 2011

the warped 45's- talk about evil
seth bernard & daisy may- shine on
wrinkle neck mules- 17 years more
500 miles to memphis- broken busted bloody
johnny west- a puppet playing possum
red tail ring- red rocking chair
patty hurst shifter- sadder side
son volt- L train
the shaky hands- let it die
carolina chocolate drops- sitting on top of the world
brothers through the hill- poison bed
corb lund- you and your creeping
john lee hooker- im gonna kill that woman
deadstring brothers- heavy load

Monday, June 20, 2011

June. 14th. 2011

elvis perkins- its only me
ghost buffalo- bones
cory branan- miss ferguson
lindi ortega- little red boots
jesse fellows & the nefidovs- 19 cigarettes
wayne hancock- man of the road
shooter jennings- southern comfort
the gruff- party song
corb lund- the truth comes out
stero goes stellar- lullabies
old man luedecke- just like a river
the gibson brothers- red letter day
chad vangaalen- heavy stones
drive by truckers- sink hole

June. 7th. 2011

bad jpg this week. sorry. some bands dont have much info online...

the george bushes- 1999
kate maki- the signal
the kamikaze hearts- the gaslight village
deke dickerson- where to aim
thrift store cowboys- understudy
charlie musselwhite- pistol in your face
mount moriah- only way out
the derailers- shes a lot like texas
frank black- I burn today
100 mile house- edward IV
emmylou harris- new orleans
joey kneiser- adelina
fish & bird- well run dry
the hidden sayings of maria in the shower- don’t build a wall round the graveyard

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May. 31st. 2011

otis gibbs- caroline
steve earle & reckless kelly- reconsider me
357 string band- high lonesome blues
blue rodeo- til I am myself again
the watson twins- just like heaven
pygmylush- chance
the baseball project- fair weather fan
the baseball project- don’t call them twinkies
snailhouse- great storytellers
good rockin charles- don’t start me talking
david dondero- the living and the dead
ian tyson- blainos song
guy clark- old friends
one hundred dollars- where the sparrows drop
joe ely- she never spoke spanish to me

May. 24th. 2011

guy clark- honky tonk song
robbie fulks- tupelo county jail
jason isbell- codeine
mr. chill- ocean
glossary- little caney
deadstring brothers- toe the line
volebeats- I had to tell you
one hundred dollars- everybody wins
blanche- scar beneath the skin
salt miners- contraband
the wooden sky- north dakota
buddy mcneil and the magic mirrors- shoe shine
whiskeytown- somebody remembers the rose
sarah lee guthrie- never far from my heart
lee gaul- you are now

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May. 17th. 2011

drive by truckers- space city
emmylou harris- home sweet home
the grascals- leaning on the everlasting arms
calexico- alone again or
the burning hell- let things slip away
the pine hill haints- wayfaring stranger
black devils brigade- raised by wolves
bare jr- nothin better to do
the bible all stars- mr bus driuver
levon helm- feelin good
john prine- angel from montgomery
the empty standards- rollin
black boot trio- long time since I talked to jesus
junior brown- doin what comes easy to a fool
jason isbell- streetlights

May 10th. 2011

marah- angels on a passing train
brothers through the hill- waterline
mages- don’t hang around
northcote- take the ride
willie nelson- whiskey river
canteen knockout- dad song
okkervil river- wake and be fine
elvis costello- I felt the chill
audio rocketry- mission statement
reckless kelly & joe ely- rider in the rain
nickel creek- somebody more like you
guster- memo to my son
the duhks- down to the river
death vessel- exploded view
drive by truckers- wheres eddie

May 3rd. 2011

the kamikaze hearts- lubbock, tx
the deep dark woods- redwood forest
the parting gifts- my minds made up
austin lucas- nevada county line
mallard- muse
black mountain- radiant hearts
little walter- key to the highway
jessica lea mayfield- our hearts are wrong
northcote- free tonight
rattlesnake choir- carousel
steve earle- god is god
the creaking tree string quartet- olivers lament
kd lang- sorrow nevermore
the waybacks- ninety one

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April. 26th. 2011

brian dunn- listening to myself die
johnny cash- I hung my head
pokey lafarge- migraines and heartpains
the devil makes three -cheap reward
buffalo tom- merry go round
giant sand- big fish
steve earle- waitin on the sky
pete molinari- I don’t like the man I am
son volt- tear stained eye
ron leary- that guy
the pine hill haints- how much poison does it take
slobberbone- down town again
bruce springsteen- devils and dust
jakob dylan- smile when you call me that

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th. 2011

the beauties- hearts are down
those darlins- waste away
the gourds- fossil contender
southeast engine- coldfront blues
richard laviolette- san andreas fault
corb lund- young and jaded
josh t pearson- woman when ive raised hell
ha ha tonka- lonely fortunes
grey kingdom- she came from spencer
mt desolation- another night on my side
parlours- I don’t mind
deadman- the monsters of goya
steve earle- home to houston
slim cessnas auto club- do you know thee enemy

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April. 12th. 2011

lucinda williams- buttercup
lucinda williams- I don’t know how youre livin
sam allen- rain on
townes van zandt- if I needed you
bryan pole- harvest festival
northcote- under the streetlights
northcote- the beat
jon snodgrass- remember my name
chris wollard- reason to my rhyme
richard laviotette- snuck right up
shooter jennings- belle of the ball
kris kristofferson- rose in paradise
slow down molasses- feathers

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April. 5th. 2011

the rizdales- one year down
daniel romano- hard on you
the microphones- headless horseman
ha ha tonka- westward bound
ryan adams- magick
hank III- tennessee driver
sarah lee guthrie & johnny irion- first snow
exene cervenka- ill admit it now
karling- cowboy in red
reigning sound- as long
middle brother- theater
yesterdays ring- sad songs
john prine- sweet revenge
the deep dark woods- nancy
buffalo tom- arise, watch
aimee mann- looking for nothing
kirsten jones & oh susanna- bittersweet grand canyon
willy wason- gotta keep moving

March. 29th. 2011

karling abbeygate- tonight is gonna last
middle brother- middle brother
the highwaymen- highwayman
bloodshot bill- homicide
i can lick any son of a bitch in the house- valentine
horses- 14 years
the cave singers- haystacks
wye oak- civilian
willie nelson and merle haggard- pancho & lefty
o'death- ghost head
willy mason- i wish i knew how to say goodbye
carlos del junco- lil laptop
shotgun jimmie- transistor sister
bill callahan- dover
j mascis- not enough

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March. 22nd. 2011

alejandro escovedo- down in the bowery
tristen- matchstick murder
grey kingdom- haunted
ron sexsmith- get in line
the sadies- the shape im in
haunted hearts- I thought my name was dark clouds
lee hazlewood- no train to stockholm
flogging molly- factory girls
elliott brood- president (35)
billy bragg- sing their souls back home
kirsten jones- I don’t wanna live like this
kirsten jones- hold me closer
pete seeger- buffalo gals
jason isbell- chicago promenade
mason jennings- drinking as religion
the john henrys- hit the floor

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March. 15th. 2011

bobby bare- i am an island
bobby bare jr.- the terrible sunrise
eric bachmann- carboro woman
the avett brothers- murder in the city
neil young & the sadies- this wheels on fire
jon mckiel- songs at night
slim cessnas auto club- thy will be done
brian dunn- worry
cowboy junkies- clothes line saga
buffalo tom- youll never catch him
giant sand- spell bound
drive by truckers- mercy buckets
the handsome family- don’t be scared
hey rosetta- seventeen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March. 8th. 2011

john doe w/ jim and jennie & the pinetops- call of the wreckin ball
the cave singers- helen
the bottle rockets- a living hell
geoff berner- I kind of hate songs with ambiguous lyrics 595 yes
cowboy junkies- flirted with you all my life 584 yes
vic chesnutt- to be with you
waylon jennings- are you ready for the country
catfish haven- I don’t worry
dylan leblanc- low
nick cave- new morning
deer tick- the ghost
townes van zandt- heavenly houseboat blues
ryan adams- like yesterday
99 tales- tearin my hair out
split lip rayfield- how many biscuits can you eat?
harlan pepper- royal variety 580 yes
the handsome family- the lost soul

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March. 1st. 2011

reigning sound- if you can’t give me everything
the builders and the butchers- rotton to the core
isobell campbell & mark lanegan- you wont let me down again
dr dog- the unicorn
jon-rae fletcher- downtown
mary gauthier- goodbye
johnny cash- rock and roll ruby
califone- spiders house
kris kristofferson- casey's last ride
blackie & the rodeo kings- boots of leather
j shogren- bird bones & muscle
agnostic mountain gospel choir- you got it wrong
lonesome lefty- millionaires
destroyer- poor in love

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 22nd. 2011

amos lee w/willie nelson- el camino (reprise)
social distortion- alone and forsaken
the greenhornes- better off without it
smoke fairies- devil in my mind
drive by truckers- the weakest man
brock zeman- somebodys comin
iron and wine- half moon
willy mason- looking for the door
laura marling- blues run the game
the low anthem- apothecary love
kurt vile- peeping tomboy
my morning jacket- old sept blues
lucero- shes just that kind of girl
okkervil river- mermaid
the city streets- outside of a lover
the city streets- this world was meant for us

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb. 15th. 2011

eddie spaghetti- cowboy boots
amos lee- clear blue eyes
screamin jay hawkins- alligator wine
the byrds- life in prison
phosphorescent- are you ready for the country?
cowboy junkies- wrong piano
good lovelies- lonesome hearts
hank williams- long gone lonesome blues
christine fellows- mille. steno
BR5-49- hurtin song
jeff rowe- dead authors
the creaking tree string quartet- zero zero
steve earle- valentines day
harlan pepper- sweet lucy
bobby bare jr.- valentine
the burning hell- what do you get for the man who has nothing?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb. 8th. 2011

the unseen strangers- end of the world
the avenues- car crash
carolina chocolate drops/luminescent orchestrii- hit em up style
drag the river- heres to the losers
cowpuncher- $15
coastwest unrest- rebel music
al tuck- hand it to you
crissi cochrane- so far apart
merle haggard- if I could only fly
black pistol fire- cold sun
julie the band- working for the wind
daniel martin moore- dark road
twilight hotel- ham radio blues
the gourds- up on high
wanda jackson- blue yodel #6

Feb. 1st. 2011

meat puppets- comin down
drive by truckers- cartoon gold
the magnificent 7's- whiskey song
the silvertones- roly poly
langhorne slim- in the midnight
bobby bare jr- motel time again
george jones- shes all I got
neko case- if im gonna sink
hank III- im the only hell my mama ever raised
charlie louvin- wreck of the old 97
the jayhawks- pray for me
patterson hood- cat power
lucero- diamond state heartbreak
buffalo killers- river water
crooked fingers- the river
adam haworth stephen- swith vengeance come
waylon jennings- dreaming my dreams
lonesome lefty- river blues
horse feathers- falling through the roof
bill callahan- my friend
black keys- meet me in the city
jon langford- little bit of help
gary louris- vagabonds

Jan. 25th. 2011

What a fiasco. apparently someone pulled a fire alarm this day. Most of the show consisted of a CD playing continuously while I stood outside. When I got sick of that and realized there was no real threat, I went in and tried to continue my show, talking over the ringing bell in the background. fortunately the archive is down, so this one might be erased from the planet forever.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. 18th. 2011

format change. sorry. I'm too lazy/busy to keep things looking the way they did. thus, the album title will no longer be included, makes things a little more compact. if you ever need to know which album the song comes from (and don't know how to use google), just email me.

son volt- straightface
ryan adams- firecracker
taj mahal- lovin in my babies eyes
lonesome lefty- rhythm king
gomez- see the world
twilight hotel- what do I know about love
the mountains and the trees- fear of ghosts
slobberbone- live on in the dark
the music box- tank of love
swank- wanted in ten states
shooter jennings- manifesto no.1
robert wilkins- I'll go with her blues
whitey morgan and the 78's- goodbye dixie
blanche- who's to say
chuck ragan- trenchfoot

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 11th. 2011

band name- song title
album title

the western states- bide my time
by and bye

ferlin husky- wings of a dove
greatest hits

big walter 'shaky' horton- jukin with walter
va: blues harp boogie

austin lucas- wash my sins away
somebody loves you

hank williams- faded love and winter roses
hank williams revealed

guy clark- rita ballou
old no. 1

andy swan's ottawa- the great depression
andy swan's ottawa

jay bennett- hotel song
kicking at the perfumed air

little walter- walter's jump
va: blues harp boogie

kurt vile- jesus fever
smoke ring for my halo

those poor bastards- forgive me matilda
gospel haunted

smog- let me see the colts
a river aint too much to love

ryan bingham- hard worn trail
junky star

new country rehab- angel of death
new country rehab

calicodrifters- turning home
turning home

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 4th. 2011

Sorry folks. Couldn't make it this week due to unforeseen circumstances. Joe from CJAM's 'the Best Show Ever' filled in and did a fine job. I'll return live with a brand new show Tuesday Jan. 11th for my first show of the new year. Stay tuned. RIP Goldie.

Dec. 28th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

swank- the incident at rock creek
the survival issue

swank- how do we do
the survival issue

corb lund- mc horses
va: the gift- a tribute to ian tyson

ramblin jack elliott- will james
va: the gift- a tribute to ian tyson

the western states- fictional divide
bye and bye

waco brothers- dragging my own tombstone
electric waco chair

faron young- walk tall
walk tall: the mercury hit singles 1963-1975

old crowns- shes a weight
old crowns

the vanishers- 4AM
the biggest hand

tiny bill cody- apathy

tiny bill cody- construction

cowpuncher- thank god for pretty girls

mt. desolation- the midnight ghost
mt. desolation

brent amaker and the rodeo- saddle up
please stand by

giant sand- fields of green
blurry blue mountain

the unsettlers- cincinnati shakedown
oil & blood

Dec. 21st. 2010: X-Mess!

band name- song title
album title

the unsettlers- two dead at the five and dime
oil & blood

loretta lynn- country christmas
country christmas

reigning sound- if christmas can't bring you home
home for orphans

willie nelson- please come home for christmas
va: a very special acoustic christmas

hank williams- the firt fall of snow
the complete hank williams

drive by truckers- ms klaus kimono
the fine print

bob dylan- ill be home for christmas
christmas in the heart

waylon jennings- away in a manger
va: country christmas

johnny cash- blue christmas
christmas with johnny cash

steve earle- christmas in washington
el corazon

pete seeger- the first noel
traditional christmas carols

supersuckers- we'll call it christmas time
blasphemy blastforyou

chet atkins- jingle bell rock
va: time-life treasury of christmnas vol. 2

merle haggard- daddy won't be home for christmas
a christmas present

early scruggs- jingle bells
va: a very special acoustic christmas

bobby bare- I love an old fashioned christmas
I love an old fashioned christmas

freeman dre- babylon
red door 2nd floor