Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nov. 29th. 2011

jim ward- coastlines [quiet on the valley]
ryan adams- the shadowlands [love is hell]
crooked fingers- the river [reservoir songs ep]
jon mckiel- quils [tonka war cloud]
greg cartwright- as long [live at the circle a]
bobby bare jr- sister golden hair [american bread]
waylon jennings- im a long way from home [nashville rebel soundtrack]
constantines- I will not sing a hateful song [too slow for love ep]
johnny cash- if you could read my mind [american 5: a hundred highways]
south san gabriel- senselessly [dual hawkes]
yim yames- behind that locked door [tribute to]
walter schreifels- depressed friends [arthur lee ep]
deer tick- still crazy after all these years [unreleased]
dinner belles- west simcoe county [west simcoe county]
jc brooks- im trying to break your heart [want more]

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