Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. 18th. 2011

format change. sorry. I'm too lazy/busy to keep things looking the way they did. thus, the album title will no longer be included, makes things a little more compact. if you ever need to know which album the song comes from (and don't know how to use google), just email me.

son volt- straightface
ryan adams- firecracker
taj mahal- lovin in my babies eyes
lonesome lefty- rhythm king
gomez- see the world
twilight hotel- what do I know about love
the mountains and the trees- fear of ghosts
slobberbone- live on in the dark
the music box- tank of love
swank- wanted in ten states
shooter jennings- manifesto no.1
robert wilkins- I'll go with her blues
whitey morgan and the 78's- goodbye dixie
blanche- who's to say
chuck ragan- trenchfoot

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