Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 19th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

ryan bingham- the weary kind
various: crazy heart soundtrack

the drams- truth lies low
jubilee dive

grant-lee phillips- love my way

golden smog- long time ago
another fine day

bobby bare- everybody's talkin at me
the moon was blue

whiskeytown- give me another chance
various: big star, small world

loretta lynn- miss being mrs.
van lear rose

wilco- thirteen
various: big star, small world

the flying burrito brothers- wild horses
burrito deluxe

the locusts have no king- annas smoke
the locusts have no king

lac la belle- the way i run
lac la belle

ron leary- you've got it all wrong
the road in between

mr. chill- hope out on that stage
mr. chill's cold testament

frank black- dark end of the street

guy clark- tornado time in texas
workbench songs

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  1. gettin' all fancy with pics and everything!!!!