Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May. 18th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

shooter jennings- 4th of july
put the o back in country

the handsome family- the lost soul
va: hymns from the house of horror

two cow garage- come back to shelby

jon-rae and the river- when I die
the road

the sadies- another day again
darker circles

van morrison- your cheatin heart
pay the devil

brian borcherdt- the drugs

giant sand- nowhere
off ramp

the gourds- ants on the melon
cow fish foul or pig

tom baxendale- her ghost
rodentia: the best of dark roots music

the unsettlers- heavy handed
the unsettlers

rick white- the clock
rick white album

the black keys- these days

justin rutledge- mrs. montgomery
the early widows

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