Friday, March 26, 2010

March. 23rd. 2010

band name- song title
album title

drive by truckers- the fourth night of my drinking
the big to do

the locusts have no king- come one come all
come one come all

the schomberg fair- whiskey drugs guns & money
pickup full of empties

train 45- pocketful of change
va: sound proof room sessions

tony sly- via munich
12 song program

lonesome lefty- the lonelymaker
songs of love death and murder

lissie- watch over me
hearya sessions

johnny cash- folsom prison blues
live from austin tx

tom petty- southern accents
southern accents

the gaslight anthem- gods gonna cut you down
va: all aboard- a tribute to johnny cash

the shannon brothers- the nonsense rules
va: sound proof room sessions

those darlins- mammas heart
those darlins

tim barry- this land
live at munford elementary

the locusts have no king- shotgun wedding
come one come all

dinosaur jr- hot burrito #2
green mind (2006 re-release)

mississippi fred mcdowell- I aint gonna be bad no mo
you gotta move

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