Thursday, April 15, 2010

April. 13th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

deer tick- easy
born on flag day

james ol and the villains- both to blame
live at the colch!

james ol and the villains- last lemming over the cliff
live at the colch!

petunia- the lonesome pine hollows
the ugliest, bitterest, coldest, dreary place i've ever seen

casa de chihuahua- tuscaloosa mama
amat victoria curam

townes van zandt- poncho & lefty
the late great townes van zandt

julie doiron- spill yr lungs
i can wonder what you did with your day

the deep dark woods- farewell yes
winter hours

wanda jackson- I gotta know
the queen of rockabilly

roky erickson & okkervil river- true love cast out all evil
true love cast out all evil

unwelcome guests- mazie
don't go swimming

cara beth satalino- good ones
the good ones

gram parsons- return of the grievous angel
arievous angel

brian fallon- the blues mary

mr. chill and the witnesses- miss me when I'm gone
mr. chill's cold testament

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