Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug. 10th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

calexico- bend to the road
live in nuremburg

the felice brothers- marlboro man
mix tape

adam haworth stephens- the cities that you've burned
we live on cliffs

those poor bastards- judgement is coming
gospel haunted

satan and adam- sweet home chicago
harlem blues

slobberbone- lazy guy
everything you thought was right was wrong today

old 97s- for the girl

marah- the closer
if you didn't laugh you'd cry

the fabulous ginn sisters- fireworks
you can't take a bad girl home

wheat and water- trainwreck
left hand blue

audio/rocketry- on my way
eastward and onward

will white- backcountry
rise above

frontier ruckus- ontario
dead malls and nightfalls

frontier ruckus- springterror
dead malls and nightfalls

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