Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug. 17th. 2010

band name- song title
album title

johnny cash- I hung my head
american IV: the man comes around

jason simon- hollow eyed and howling
jason simon

the avett brothers- head full of doubt, road full of promise
i and love and you

the gourds- the prayer that fell upon the mirror
cow fish fowl or pig

the pine hill haints- never gonna die
to win or to lose

the flying burrito brothers- dark end of the street
the gilded palace of sin

calexico- convict pool
convict pool

the divorcees- rather be in reno
you aint gettin my country

waco brothers- revolution blues
do you think about me?

the sonny best band- the detour
boots camera action

brian dunn- worry
examining the fallout

the weight- ten mile grace
ten mile grace

the wooden sky- north dakota
when lost at sea

the country gentleman- the long black veil
on the road (and more)

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